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Thibaut Drouillon
Thibaut Drouillon
Erasmus student from Mons Arts² school (Be)
  • high-order cellular automata
  • sound art

This artist begun in 2016 his studies at the visual arts school Mons Arts² (Be). This experience was a turning point in vision of Art which ended up with the discovery of sound art.

He then took part for two years in a row in the workshop “Sound and digital emergencies” organized by Transcultures resulting from two participations in group exhibitions: he presented the piece Percécité at the City Sonic festival in 2017 in Charleroi (Be) as well as his work Sound machines, presented at the Digital Contemplation event in Villers-la-Ville (Be) in 2018. In 2019, Thibaut was again at the City Sonic festival with the creation Jump Vox. In 2020, he was an Erasmus at Villa Arson (Université Côte d’Azur) as part of his master’s degree and he contributed to the G-Art group. He continues to be supported by Transcultures.